Programmers Wanted

Visual FoxPro Programmer Information
The more detailed information you provide, the more work we will be able to provide. Also, with your permission, we will have a dedicated web page featuring your skills. If you give us permission to do that, we will need your written approval before the page is published. Only your fist name and city/state will be published. If you prefer, we can put your picture on the page. This often helps prospective customers decide if they want to hire someone.

In order to work with us, you must sign a non-compete agreement not to work directly with customers we provide.
A “Web Page Ready Resume” is your resume without anything that can be used to find you. This is not a free placement service. If you worked for the ABC Manufacturing Company, you could put a descriptive name such as A light manufacturing company employing 100 skilled employees instead of the name.

Be sure to submit a DOC or DOCX file that is formatted exactly the way you want your webpage to look. Take your time. The better the page looks and the more complete it is, the more work you will get.

Use short paragraphs with lots of bullets to make reading it on a monitor easier.

Do not worry about the length. Remember, every word you put in is searchable. If someone is looking for a Visual FoxPro programmer in Chicago who knows how to interface with Microsoft Access or Microsoft Outlook and you happen to be in Chicago and you have all of those terms in your resume, you are much more likely to be found and hired.

Also, do not wait weeks to submit the resume – get me the best one you can in a few days and then resubmit it as many times as you wish. If you read the resumes of others, you will get ideas for your own.

A photo is very important to your getting more work. We all like to see who we are working with. Most of us think we do not look “good” in a photo. Well, most of us are just average looking at best. This is one point I ask you to just trust me on ( I cannot find any documentation): photos work!

When I see 2 websites and one has photos and the other does not, everything else being equal, I am almost always going to contact the one with photos first.

So, please, send us your photo.

We convert some smaller FoxPro and Visual FoxPro programs to Microsoft Access.
Some programmers have one rate, period. Others are flexible depending on many variables. We are not interested in locking you into one rate but do need to know the range you work in.